Leadership speech

Dear Friends, We sincerely thank you for your support and care for our company! Time flows like running water in the river. In a snap of fingers, we have been through profound changes. With the joint efforts of all employees of the company, we have been booming in research and construction among other businesses, especially in innovation, where we have achieved great results and are well received by users in the market, thus laying a solid foundation for the company's steady development in the future. Confidence comes from strength. At present, the company has abundant and high-quality human resources, which is valuable wealth for the company's future growth. Every employee of the company has demonstrated their determination to forge ahead with remarkable accomplishments. At work, they remain persistent in the path of their personal growth and complete each task outstandingly. The golden years have witnessed the solid footsteps we have taken to strive forward in a pioneering and innovative spirit. In recent years, we have made remarkable achievements with extraordinary efforts, which is there for everyone to see. For the company’s development, all of our employees, regardless of pay and fame, have been assiduously playing their parts at different positions, to achieve the company’s original goals, which were set when the company was founded.

Innovation is endless, as much as strides. Strivers believe in hard work and have also tasted the joys and sorrows of hard work. Therefore we firmly believe that they are bound to have the rewards from hard work as well. The company, giving full play to its strengths, keeps moving forward with strong determination, hard work, and a down-to-earth attitude. The company adheres to the people-first and customer-oriented principles, as well as a refined management model, in order to provide high-quality services and products that adapt to the demands of markets both at home and abroad, seeking to build a top brand in China. In the path of development, the company continuously explores itself and keeps up with the latest trend in the market, introduces and learns advanced technologies to continue increasing our production capacity and enhance technical innovation, thus providing better-quality and cheaper goods through advanced techniques, production mode and operation mode, improving the company’s overall competitiveness in technology, quality, price, and service to make sure our customers get the highest returns. This year, we have more scientific management, better services, more solid technologies, and more advancing development by reforming and innovating the company’s development goal and innovation. With consistent adherence to the company’s purpose of “making all-round innovations, staying realistic and pragmatic and striving to fight”, we will try our best to build a world-class company. Facing new situations at the new beginning, we will gather strengths, pursue unremittingly, and lead the company to grow with technological innovations. We will continue to stick to the customer-centric service philosophy and keep in line with the enterprise spirits of integrity, development, and transcendence as well as our self-positioning as a professional producer and international seller, constantly seeking to create profits of great values and development opportunities for customers, companies, employees and the society through continuous improvement and refined management, so as to achieve a multi-win result and harmonious development! We will always be grateful: to our parents, for their upbringing; to nature, for the unlimited sunshine; to our colleagues, for their dedication to work; to our customers, for their long-lasting faith in us! Thank you again for your support and love for our company. We sincerely hope to enhance partnership with friends from all walks of life, seek cooperation and development, and achieve a win-win situation. May we join hands together and build a brilliant future for the industry!

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